Lower emissions. Higher profits.
S&R Vapor Recovery is the answer.

In this high-stakes industry, you can always find someone willing to simply sell you equipment. At S&R Vapor Recovery, we offer more than a lasting reputation for impeccable build quality. When you do business with us, you can count on a committed partner that improves both your operations and your bottom line. We are environmental emissions experts.

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Surpassing your operational needs.

S&R Vapor Recovery is the premier fabricator of vapor recovery equipment. By delivering outstanding run times and consistent product quality, we have a reputation for reliability and performance that builds profits. Our team is dedicated to working with you to accurately analyze your specific needs to match you with the optimal equipment that improves your economics and the environment.


Exceeding your emissions control requirements.

At S&R Vapor Recovery, we aspire to eliminate environmental pollutants, including methane and all other direct and indirect greenhouse gases. Our reclamation technology cuts waste, captures lost production and boosts output while protecting the environment and maximizing your profits.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts: ESG Initiatives


Safety and responsibility serve us all.

S&R Vapor Recovery understands that a company is only successful when individuals return home safely every day. Our standard is to comply with all applicable laws while prioritizing optimal operational safety policies, active risk mitigation and injury prevention. From top to bottom throughout S&R Vapor Recovery, we encourage active participation in keeping our people and our planet safe. Our employees take pride in identifying, analyzing and implementing best practices that ensure our organization’s and affiliates’ wellbeing.



Whether buying or renting, we deliver what you need.

Deciding whether to buy or rent? Our team will work with you to evaluate your needs and goals to find the ideal fit. As a customer, you can rely on S&R Vapor Recovery’s equipment and service.


Reliability. Standing by.

S&R Vapor Recovery offers service packages for all types of equipment, with solutions designed for your specific needs and locations. We ensure proper staffing and service outreach to provide timely and reliable maintenance whenever and wherever you need.


Lower emissions and higher profits start here.

We want to thank you for considering S&R Vapor Recovery. We love this industry, and we want to help your company grow and prosper. We know we are the partner you need to lower your emissions while raising your revenues. To get started is easy, simply submit the contact form or drop us a line at 918-447-1947. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let's get to work.

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David Bellamy, President & CEO

David Bellamy joined S&R Vapor Recovery as Vice President of Business Development in the Fall of 2013. Prior to joining S&R Vapor Recovery, he received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Colorado. Which then led him to an exhilarating position on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange in the Crude Oil and Natural Gas Options pit. David had a 10-year career in the Financial Services Industry with Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. He also served in the US Peace Corps.

David was instrumental on the USA Compression’s acquisition of S&R Vapor Recovery’s Gas Lift rental fleet in 2013 and was named President of S&R Vapor Recovery in December 2016. He was named CEO in January of 2022.

Chris Rankin, CFO

Chris Rankin joined S&R Vapor Recovery in March of 2019 as Chief Financial Officer. Chris has a bachelor’s degrees in Accounting & Petroleum Land Management from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Business Administration degree from Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining S&R Vapor Recovery, he has served over 20 years in senior management positions in various energy and manufacturing companies since he left Deloitte & Touche as an audit manager. Chris is a member of the Oklahoma Society of CPA’s.

Christy Sanders, VP Administration and HR

Christy Sanders has been at S&R Vapor Recovery since its inception in 2007. She has served in various roles and is currently the Vice President of Admin and HR. Her career in the oil and gas industry spans 30 years. Her passion is the people who work with her and the constant pursuit of making S&R Vapor Recovery a better place to be – for employees, business partners and customers.

Kyle Gordon, VP Engineering

Kyle Gordon joined S&R Vapor Recovery in 2015 as a Sales Engineer and accepted his current role of Vice President – Engineering in February 2017.

With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, Kyle has had a successful career in the Gas Compression and Vapor Recovery Market. Before joining S&R Vapor Recovery, he held positions from Application Engineer, Project Engineer, Field Support Engineer, and Engineered Product Sales working with multiple types of compression equipment under several different applications.

As Vice President – Engineering, Kyle oversees equipment design/configuration, the field engineering/technical support group, and plays a key role in the support of the sales team to expand S&R Vapor Recovery’s market footprint.